Fabrics that inspire innovation and quality.

At Tejidos Roca we are committed to innovation in fabrics and we seek the study and optimization of each of our articles, to meet your needs.

Grey cloth

They are cotton fabrics without dyeing or treating. Breathable, heat sink, hypoallergenic, versatile. The usual use when it is unfinished is usually for linings, glued to other fabrics. Keep in mind that it shrinks after wetting it.


Finished cotton

These are treated or dyed cotton fabrics. They retain the properties of breathability and versatility, are natural, hypoallergenic, heat sinks, absorb moisture, do not generate static electricity, etc.


With polyurethane

They are fabrics with good elastic recovery, high resistance to wear, abrasion and tearing, with good flexibility.



It is a well-known, classic, elegant fabric, soft to the touch, evocative, sophisticated. Widely used for clothing, footwear, home clothes, accessories, etc.



Fabrics manufactured with very sophisticated machines, in varied compositions and materials, highly adaptable, withstand many treatments and uses, are durable, resistant, varied, and innovative.


They are fabrics composed of threads of very fine textile fibers that give qualities of softness to the touch and an aspect very similar to the skin. They are used to replace leather, especially in shoe linings and leather goods, but also in orthopedics and other sectors.

Technical microfibers

They are microfiber fabrics with advanced breathability, water absorption, and other characteristics. That, sometimes, require specific treatments for each sector. They are used in industries such as footwear, clothing, automobile etc.


Fabrics that have as a special quality the fact of being elastic, either because of their weaving and / or because of their composition. The degree of elasticity and recovery depends on its composition. When they incorporate elastic threads, the touch, the fall and the recovery are greatly improved. They are used in sectors such as footwear, clothing, orthopedics, etc.



They are synthetic fabrics that imitate the natural hair of animals. They have a very soft and pleasant touch. They are used in sectors such as footwear, clothing, accessories for pets, etc.


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