We are distributors of fabric throughout Europe

Tejidos Roca is a family business, based in Cehegín, Murcia (Spain) dedicated to the sale of fabrics for various industries. We have over 40 years of experience. We have evolved over time, changing our business model, adapting to a changing market, maintaining quality and customer service.



We are distributors of fabrics throughout Europe, focused on quality and quick service, therefore we have a stock of more than 2,5 million meters of fabrics.

We offer the best service, variety, quality and price.

Our goal is to make our customer successful, in order to grow with them. We are always attentive to the needs of our clients and the search for new fabrics for them, always focusing on quality, better service and a competitive price, working on the search for fabrics for sectors as important and demanding such as sports and work footwear,  health and orthopedic.

We have a solid commitment to the environment, complying with European regulations on chemical substances and waste disposal for recycling.

In addition, Tejidos Roca collaborates with different laboratories so that they comply with the updated regulations in the EU, both REACH and CADS, subjecting them to different tests that guarantee their quality, thus providing added value to our products.

We like to maintain fluid communication with clients and to receive their opinions and criticisms to detect trends in the market.



We have our own warehouse of 5.000 square meters, with a permanent stock of more than 2.500.000 meters of fabrics which we handle with the appropriate machinery for the rapid pick up of our clients' orders and their subsequent shipment, for which we administer a detailed traceability system.

Wide variety of materials and finishes

The market requires more and more materials with designs and finishes with some differentiating components, we are committed to innovation in fabrics and we look for the study and optimization of each of our articles, to meet their needs.

We have articles of different materials, such as synthetic leather, microfibers, polyurethane fabrics, cottons, grey fabrics, mesh, technical microfibers, stretch fabrics and velvets.

We use fabrics developed in search of promoting new solutions for our clients, which contribute to enhance their growth and competitiveness in their sector, fabrics that are the perfect base on which to perform various treatments, which make them have outstanding effects and different uses, for example antibacterial treatments, foam, transfer, resin, bleached, glued, stamped, embossed, fire retardant, odorized, water proof, vulcanized, brushed and a long list that you can consult us.

Distribution and sale of our products throughout Europe

We maintain relationships with clients throughout the EU and  we have commercial agents to serve clients’ needs. Contact us for more information.

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